Darkness lurks ubiquitously, mockingly, as though it is the sober truth—that all is empty, for there is no meaning. 

But darkness lies. Not darkness, but endless, unbounded, infinite light is the canvas upon which reality was conceived, and that light is its final destination. 

Darkness itself knows this truth. Indeed, that is its true goal and fulfillment: To squeeze that light out of you. For by doing so, it will be redeemed.

Hold tight to that vision. See beyond the eye’s horizon. Stand firm against the taunts and scorn of this guileful darkness, allow it to bring out your innermost, stubborn courage.

The darkness will be transformed. Your night will shine brightly.

And so Deborah the prophetess sang, “As the sun when it comes out in all its might, so will be those who love Him.”

Tanya, Chapter 26. See also Igeret HaKodesh, 11.