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Hakhel Videos

Video | 1:32
Be a part of this year-long celebration of Jewish unity!
Watch what people are saying about joining together for Jewish unity in the year of Hakhel, and discover how you can be a part of it.
A Year of Gathering
Experiencing Hakhel Today
Today – as in Temple times – men, women, and children unite together at the same place, the same time, and with the same purpose of strengthening our commitment to Torah.
Hakhel: Children, Unite!
An address to children on Sukkos in the year of Hakhel: During the year of Hakhel, Jews make every effort to assemble together. Jewish children are specifically included in this Mitzvah in the Torah, and you must serve as an example to others. Even though the Holy Temple is not yet rebuilt, you must prepare yourselves in similar fashion, gathering to hear words of Torah and resolving to implement Torah's teachings.
A Holy Assembly
Video | 5:42
A Holy Assembly
When the Temple stood in Jerusalem, every seven years all Jewish men women and children would ascend the Temple Mount to hear the king of Israel read the Torah in fulfillment of the verse, “Assemble the people, men, women, and children… in order that they learn to fear G-d and do all the words of his Torah.”
You Can Be a Hakhel Jew
When the Temple stood, the Jewish people would gather from all over the Land of Israel for Hakhel, to hear the king read from the Torah in the Holy Temple. This event occurred every seven years.
Hakhel: Then and Today
Video | 22:39
Hakhel: Then and Today
Why the focus on the king?
In Temple times the king would read from the Torah before the entire nation in the year of Hakhel. Why is this specifically the role of the king? This class explains the unique function of a Jewish king.
The Hakhel Year
Video | 32:31
The Hakhel Year
Reliving Sinai on five levels
The year following the Shemittah year is marked as Hakhel, where all Jews would gather together at the Holy Temple to hear the king read from the Torah, in essence reliving the Sinai experience. Discover the deeper meaning of Hakhel and its powerful relevance today.
Unity, Awe and Leadership
Three Central Themes of the Hakhel Year
The year of Hakhel is marked with gatherings to strengthen our Judaism, our connection to G-d and to each other—similar to the mitzvah in Temple times when the king would read from the Torah to inspire all of Israel. Discover Hakhel’s relevance and empowering message to us today.
Gather for Hakhel!
Watch how it’s done!
A group of actors bring the unity of the Hakhel year to life on the streets of Israel.
Kos Shel Brocha, Hakhel
Motzaei Shabbos Bereishis, 5748 · October 17, 1987
The Rebbe distributes wine from the cup of the After-blessing. “Much success in fulfilling the special mission of this year of Hakhel — to gather and unite every Jewish man, woman and child.”
Be Active in Hakhel
Distribution of dollars after a general audience for guests who had arrived to spend the month of Tishrei with the Rebbe.
Assembling the Nation
When Rabbi Tuvia Blau told the Rebbe that he hoped that his wife and children would have the experience of meeting him, the Rebbe suggested that he bring his family in for hakhel. This was not an easy feat for a family of seven from Israel, in the 1970s
Serving with Distinction
Soldiers spend most of their time training and carrying out missions. Periodically, they assemble at a parade, where their performance is checked, and medals are awarded.
Machne Israel Development Fund
During a year of hakhel, the Rebbe addresses participants in one of his first meetings with members of the Machne Israel Development Fund.
Hakhel State of Mind
Rabbi Chaim Benyamini established and headed the Yeshiva in Petropolis, Brazil, for over 30 years. He shares a perplexing encounter with the Rebbe that left him with a penetrating lesson about just how “hakhel-conscious” a Jew can be. (1987)
Gathering with a Purpose
The stories related in the Torah are more than historical events. They offer guidance and direction for the way we live our lives. When we find ourselves in a year of hakhel, it’s not enough to merely recall how it was marked in the Holy Temple, we must search for ways to make it relevant in our lives, today.
Hakhel, Why Now?
Video | 3:07
Hakhel, Why Now?
Experience has shown us that whenever Jews gather for a holy purpose, something good is bound to come out of it.
Feeling Hakhel
Video | 5:43
Feeling Hakhel
Jono shows off his new drone footage, and clumsily ends up helping Itche Kadoozy explain how Hakhel is all about feeling the connection. (A Special Hakhel edition of the Itche Kadoozy Show produced for s global Hakhel webcast by Vaad Ohr Vechom)
Should Kids Be Brought to Shul (Synagogue)?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Vayelech
Hakhel: The Call of the Hour
For close to two thousand years the mitzvah of Hakhel hasn’t been observed, yet no formal observance was instituted to recall this biblical commandment. Today, more than ever, channeling the powerful Hakhel spirit is crucial to confront the frightening challenges and adversaries in our times.
Children’s Rally
The Rebbe takes part in a rally for children returning from summer camp, just before the end of the year of hakhel.
The Hakhel Song
Video | 3:20
The Hakhel Song
International Conference of Chabad Emissaries 5776
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