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Hakhel Essays

Peace, Love and Hakhel: Uniting With the Other
Peace, love and harmony. Coexistence and community. These rosy ideals are easy to dream and sing about, but so much harder to achieve in everyday life.
What I Would Say If I Could Speak . . .
A Hakhel message from a rabbi with ALS
Blast Your Jewish Trumpet
The kohanim (priests) would station themselves in all the public areas of Jerusalem and blow golden trumpets.
Judaism and Capitalism
Judaism is about unity: the unity of the one G-d, the universe and the unity of all people created in the image of G-d. And yet, Judaism established a commonwealth, giving the ordinary man an irrevocable right to his own property.
Be a Part of It
Certainly, we can be well-informed about politics without ever joining in a rally. Yet when actually going out and joining physically with other people, something takes place that is unique...
The Wakeup Call
Analyzing the details of when, how, who and where the mitzvah was performed provides us with inspiring reflections that enable us to fulfill the mitzvah of Hakhel today.
When we forget G‑d, we view the world as a finite resource, a pie with a defined number of slices; every bit that you get comes out of my wallet.
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