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You Can Be a Hakhel Jew

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You Can Be a Hakhel Jew

The Rebbe points out that every one of us must be a clarion call for gathering, just like every priest was to herald Hakhel in the Temple.
Hakhel, Lubavitcher Rebbe
You Can Be a Hakhel Jew
Disc 146, Program 584

Event Date: 17 Tishrei 5748 - October 10, 1987

When the Temple stood, the Jewish people would gather from all over the Land of Israel for Hakhel, to hear the king read from the Torah in the Holy Temple. This event occurred every seven years.

As in many observances in the Temple, the Kohanim, or priestly class, played a special role. Here it was their duty to sound golden trumpets in the streets of Jerusalem to announce the onset of the Hakhel year.

In our times, the Rebbe called on all Jews to utilize the year of Hakhel to make gatherings of unity reminiscent of the event in the Temple, and encouraged every Jew to strive to be a Kohen.

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