There are two approaches to healing:

One is to find whatever has been weakened and damaged by illness, then repair and strengthen it.

Another is to find whatever remains viable and healthy, and support and strengthen it. Since it is one body, fortifying one aspect brings healing to all the rest.

So too, the healing of the spirit: One path is to grab the weakness by its horns and fix up your act. Another is to focus your energies on the spiritual resources that are working well. Since it is one soul, when one area is enriched, the rest is elevated with it.

So too, in repairing whatever is amiss in your world: When you see others are not doing their job, important work is being mishandled and valuable opportunities passed up, it is not a time for anger or despair. It is a time for you to strengthen many times over the good work you are doing in your own sphere.

And since we are all one, the energy you invest in your little corner of the world pays off in every other portion as well.

Hayom Yom 28 Av.