You are an astronaut, far beyond the earth on a very long journey. Let’s say you get fed up with the constant barrage of instructions coming in on your radio from home base. So you shut it off. With no regrets. And you relax, enjoying the awesome scenery out the window. And time flies by . . .

But eventually, you realize you have no clue where you are. Or how to get back to where you want to be. And you remember that you had a mission, but you can’t quite get straight exactly what it was. You panic.

Finally, you remember the radio. You reactivate it. You hold the handset and call, “Home base? Astronaut calling home base! Answer me!!”

A faint reply is heard. It is the sweetest sound you’ve ever come by. Now you can get back on course.

Mankind, too, was given a mission.

(A thought from a student of the Rebbe, Dr. Velvl Greene—a thought the Rebbe much appreciated.)