It is an ancient tradition that in every generation there is one above all others who is the heart of all those alive on the face of the earth. When one passes on, another takes over. This is my gut feeling: The Rebbe was the heart of the Boomers and of all those born in their wake.

Then, sometimes, I look at the face of the Rebbe, and I think, "This, my heart? But we are so distant! His world, my world... I am he and he is me?! If he is my own heart, then how do I feel such a stranger to him?!"

But then, do you feel your heart beating within you? Most people will answer they don't and cannot, unless they search for a pulse somewhere. But isn't that absurd: Your entire body is incessantly throbbing in every limb and organ with the relentless pumping of the heart -—and you say you do not feel it? It is just that it is so close to you, so much you, that you cannot feel it, just as you do not notice your own nose in front of you.

All events of body and mind reflect the nuances of the beating of the heart and of the life-giving blood that passes through it.

All our searching for higher fulfillment, all our rejection of the established order, all our awaiting of "the Aquarian Age" or "the New Age" or whatever you want to call it -—all is an expression of the consciousness that flows to us, pumped through the heart of our generation.