Everything has its limits, even darkness.

In our eyes, darkness is the background, the default state, and any light and beauty plays upon it only as a visitor, an intruder upon the emptiness, eventually to fade back into the darkness by fault of entropy.

But the true background of being is pure light. Not the temporal light of the creation itself, but the light of its Creator that cannot be extinguished.

Even within each thing that exists now, its true being is that light. For all of time, and space, and the consciousness that fills it, all began with infinite light. It is the essence of every living being, of every subatomic particle in every dimension, of every thought in every world. And so each thing, at its absolute essence, desires to return to light.

The light of each thing will be uncovered and the darkness will have no chance, no place to hide. We will look back and it will never have been.

As the Midrash says,
“When the world was made, a limit was set
how long it will function in dimness.”

The universe is in exile. Its darkness is approaching its end.

מאמר קץ שם לחושך תשכ“ד