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Moshiach & Redemption Library

From Exile to Redemption
Exile and Redemption in the Light of the Teachings of Chabad Chassidus
Chassidic Teachings on the future Redemption and the coming of Mashiach
Mashiach in Jewish Law
The Messianic Era in Jewish Law
A systematic compilation of the essential Halachic and conceptual teachings about Moshiach and the Messianic redemption from the Biblical, Talmudic-Midrashic and other authoritative sources.
Source Texts
A selection of source-texts on Moshiach and the future redemption
A selection of source-texts on Moshiach and the future redemption from the Bible, Prophets, Midrash, Talmud, the classical commentaries, Kabbalah, the chassidic masters, and sages of all ages.
Skeptic & Believer
A Conversation about Moshiach
Is the world really getting better? So many religions and isms! Where's the truth? The Moshiach prophesies were written 2,500 years ago - how much is still relevant? Why must Moshiach be a person? Are we going back to the era of kings? Why bring back the Temple and the animal sacrifices? Do we even want a perfect world - what about personal freedom?
Kabbalah of the Redemption
Readings from our Kabbalah Site
Exile and Redemption, resurrection and reincarnation, limitations, miracles, and monarchy. Find out what Jewish mysticism has to say about these topics and more.
Living With Moshiach
These concise, inspiring and articulate discussions on Moshiach, arranged according to the weekly and holiday Torah portions, are based on the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and allow one to truly "live with the time" and "live with Moshiach."
Anticipating the Redemption - Volume 1
Maamarim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, Concerning the Era of Redemption
Awakening the desire for the Redemption can only be accomplished through learning about it. The Rebbe details different aspects of the Redemption, the role of Moshiach, and how we can prepare ourselves for this new era.
As a New Day Breaks
As a New Day Breaks shows how the backdrop for the age of Moshiach has been created within our contemporary society. With the insight of a "future book," it surveys the trends at work at present. Useful as a primer on Jewish thought, it highlights the principles and values which will lead mankind to its ultimate fulfillment in the Era of the Redemption.
To Live and Live Again
An Overview on Techiyas HaMeisim Based on Classical Sources and on the Teachings of Chabad Chassidism
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