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Stories about Yearning for & Anticipating the Redemption

Ani Ma'amin
Reb Azriel David opened his eyes to the sight of the singing train. In a choked voice, he cried: "I will give half of my portion in the World to Come to whoever can take my song to the Modzitzer Rebbe!"
The Clock
All throught the night, whenever this clock sounded the hour, the guest leapt from his bed and danced for joy. "it's quite an ordinary clock," said the surprised innkeeper
The Feast
A seder story
First we drank a glass of wine. Then we ate a bit of parsley. Then they started talking, and talking, and talking. The smell of the food from the kitchen is making me insane, but they don't bring it out!
The Palace and the Pigeons
The precious jewels had been scattered to the farthest reaches of the globe. How would the king recover that which was most dear to him?
Once there was an adolescent camel that would pose questions to its mother incessantly, as all children naturally do. “Mother, why do we have a hump perched on our backs?”...
A Story About a Prince
"Tell us a story, Grandpa!" begged the children. "Tell us a story about a prince..."
The Beautiful Bride
"Why did your husband leave you?" asked Rabbi Israel.
"He says that I'm ugly," said the deserted wife.
"And what do you say to that?" asked the Chassidic master.
"Today is the day before Rosh Hashanah," his Zeide explained. "Today we do not blow Shofar. Tomorrow morning, we will blow the shofar in shul." The child did not comprehend the reasons. He kicked and screamed, telling his Zeide, "One more blast! One more blast!"
Empty Bottles on a Window Ledge
The year was 1814. Mashiach fever was in the air!
The four chassidic masters engaged in special prayers and meditations. They decided that the propitious moment when the Redemption would come would be on Simchat Torah...
Tomorrow in Jerusalem
"Why should we wait a whole year? Moshiach can come immediately, and we'll bake matzah in Jerusalem with this very water!"
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