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Passover History & Study

Learn about the relevance and significance of Passover. The unleavened bread, slavery and freedom, the Plagues, the splitting of the sea, and more...

Torah Readings
A Synopsis of the Passover Torah Readings
Out of Egypt... the Paschal Lamb... appointments in time... leaven and matzah... the Song at the Sea... a Messianic prophecy... a synopsis of the Passover Torah readings...
Passover Art Gallery
Experience Passover through our collection of holiday artwork by contemporary Jewish artists
A Glossary of Terms used in the Passover Site and in the Haggadah
A glossary of terms used throughout the Passover site, in the Haggadah and in general discussions of Passover
The Meaning of Passover
Passover is the springtime holiday when Jews celebrate how G-d “passed over” the homes of our ancestors before taking them out of Egyptian slavery.
14 Passover Facts and Traditions Every Jew Should Know
Passover is celebrated by ridding our homes from chametz (grain that has risen) eating special foods (matzah and bitter herbs), retelling the story of Exodus, and desisting from work.
Do you think you know Passover? This quiz will have you second guessing yourself over and over again.