Since Temple times, the Passover Seder has begun with the child(ren) asking four questions, which serve as a springboard for the story of our nation’s exodus to be retold in detail. This question and answer session forms the stage of the Seder known as Magid (“tell”).

These four questions are often known by their opening words, Ma Nishtana (“what is different”).

The Four Questions are customarily recited (or sung) in Hebrew, which some intersperse with Yiddish translation and elucidation.

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The Four Questions in English

What makes this night different from all [other] nights?
1) On all nights we need not dip even once, on this night we do so twice?
2) On all nights we eat chametz or matzah, and on this night only matzah?
3) On all nights we eat any kind of vegetables, and on this night maror?
4) On all nights we eat sitting upright or reclining, and on this night we all recline?

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Who Says the Four Questions?

The Four Questions are traditionally asked aloud by the children. In the absence of children, they should be posed by another member of the Seder party. Even after the child has asked, it is customary for the adults to ask the Four Questions quietly before proceeding.

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