The Four Questions

Four Questions or Four Statements?
What unique power does the night of Pesach hold that it can inspire even the most distant soul and touch even the most stubborn skeptic?
Ma Nishtanah Trainer
Learn to ask the Four Questions with this interactive tool
Multi-Lingual Ma Nishtanah (Four Questions)
The Four Questions in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Korean
The Four Questions Explained
An anthology of classic and Kabbalistic teachings
Why Ask the Four Questions on Passover?
The common answer is that the questions are asked to involve the children. But why couldn’t this custom to involve the kids be done during another holiday?
The Fifth Question
At the Passover seder, the child asks, and we answer. But there is another dialogue taking place -- a dialogue in which we ask, and the child explains
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