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The Last Days of Passover

The Last Two Days of Passover
What and How We Celebrate
The seventh and eighth days of Passover are celebrated as Yom Tov, holidays, capping the weeklong celebration that begins with the first Seder. In Israel, only the seventh day is celebrated
Splitting of the Sea
The seventh day of Passover celebrates the splitting of the sea for our ancestors on their way out of Egyptian slavery. Here, we present a collection of articles and videos in this amazing occurrence and what it means to us.
Eighth Day: Gebrokts and Moshiach's Feast
The eighth day of Passover commemorates the final redemption yet to come: the era of Moshiach. Here is a collection of articles and videos that explore the significance of this day and some of is unique customs, including a special "seder" and eating wet matzah (gebrokts).
From the Book of Our Heritage
Rabbi Ki-Tov explores the significance and traditions of the last days of Passover.
Walking the Distance, Feeling the Closeness
The Tahaluchah Experience
It’s Yom Tov, and scores of Chabad chassidim are leaving the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn on foot—some walking as far as Queens and Upper Manhattan! No, it’s not some fitness craze. It’s Tahaluchah.
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