The Four Sons

The Wise Son
(by the Wicked Child)
What's So Wise About the Wise Child?
A skit in four parts, with four siblings and four questions.
When Your Child Will Ask
On the question asked by wisdom itself
Wisdom, it turns out, is prototyped not by its answer, but by its question. But what is the question that wisdom never ceases to ask?
Redeeming the Wicked Child of Passover
Is the Haggadah's Retort to the Wicked Child Wicked Parenting?
The Wicked Son
Behind his wickedness there is a story, a reason why he allowed his innocent soul to become corrupted and his pure mind twisted by lower tendencies. Identify the root cause, and then neutralize it...
The Wicked Son Redeemed
Who invited him, anyways?
That such damnations are unlikely to charm the young man’s heart is a no-brainer. But lousy pedagogy aside, this is the opposite of what we are supposed to be doing tonight.
Schwartz, the Wicked Son
What gets me about Schwartz is that he ain't stupid. He has brains, but all he does with them is tickle his own brains. Schwartz' brain stands outside life peering in, like a surgeon examining a cadaver...
The Wicked Son’s Perceptive Question
I am a wicked person, he's declaring. I enjoy food, I live in order to indulge in the pleasures of the world. It makes perfect sense for me to be a part of this grand feast... but what does it have to do with you guys?
Why Does This Child Not Question?
Therapy for the inquisitively challenged
How is it that a perfectly capable and intelligent person can have no questions on a night rigged for questions?
A Fifth Son
At the seder we discuss the "Four Sons": the Wise Son, the Wicked Son, the Simple Son, and the Son Who Doesn't Know How To Ask. Modern society has produced a fifth son...
Aren’t the Wise Child and the Wicked Child Essentially the Same?
Wicked children and post-modern parents
From reading the Passover text it seems that the wise child and the wicked child pose the same question.
The Four Children Explained
An anthology of classic and kabbalistic teachings
Our Children, Ourselves
Here is the popular take: The Wise Son is the one who turned out right. The Wicked One? Well... enough said. The Simple One? Alright, not every hamentasch turns out the way you want. The One Who Doesn't Know to Ask? Oy...
At Passover, More to Say About the ‘Wicked’ and the ‘Wise’
The four sons represent the kaleidoscope of perspectives we all bring to the table.
Your Inner Teenager
Peel away the layers of the “wicked” child and the question is quite chilling. It is not a condemnation of what we are doing. It is a condemnation of what we are not doing.
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