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Commentary and insights into Passover and its customs from the perspective of Kabbalah and Chassidism

Why Do Jews In Exile Celebrate Passover?
Ever since the Exodus, every Jew possesses that innate, unbreakable sense of freedom.
Have You Slaughtered Your Sheep Yet?
tie a sheep to your bed and leave it there for four days. It will be there when you go to sleep (good luck with that!) and when you get up.
My Plastic Pharaoh
I'm glad my kids feel so free. As for me, I'm still a slave and Pharaoh, king of Egypt, never died. I labor for him all week long
The Myth of Relaxation
A recent medical study shows that, contrary to common wisdom, relaxation does not reduce stress. Our ancestors learned this at the Exodus, when they discovered that transcendence is not the key to freedom
The Real Haggadah
Is it really necessary, more than 3000 years on, to commemorate our ancestors’ freedom from slavery? Can’t we move on to pressing contemporary issues?
The Wildest Story Ever Told
The fact is, if it's philosophy someone else has also thought it; if it's a legend or myth, some other people have a story with a lot of strong parallels. After all, we're all talking about the same world from within the same bodies... Except for one, very enigmatic story
The Pharaoh Syndrome
The folly of charging into a miracle and other forms of anxiety, worry and delusion
Pharaoh, you see, was actually quite intellectually capable; it was just that he was "Monotheistically Challenged"
The Pilfering of Infinity
The phrase "crushing labor" appears repeatedly in the Torah's account of the Egyptian exile and enslavement, in the text of the Haggadah, and in the symbolism of the seder observances. What is crushing labor?
The Answer to Political Apathy
How can one keep big ideas alive after they are no longer new and exciting?
The Nile Syndrome
I made myself? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Why would a smart guy come out with a ridiculous statement like, "I made myself"?
Pure Passion
What animates me? What perks me up and gets my blood pumping? What thoughts come to mind when nothing else is taking up my brain space?
Sitting on the Keys
A Passover insight
This cloud I sense does not speak, it only weeps. This cloud is enormous and has been shedding every Jewish tear from the beginning of time . . .
How the Ancient Israelites Dressed for the Seder
Learn from the dress of our ancestors in Egypt the components of true Jewish freedom!
The Egyptian Exile Begins: A Quantum View
The money and the possessions of the Jewish people are very precious to G-d, because in them are found these holy sparks that we are meant to uplift.
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