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The Exodus

Then and Now

We reenact the Exodus from Egypt every year during the Passover Seder. How do we draw upon 3300 year old lessons to gain liberty in the 21st century?

20 Exodus Facts Every Jew Should Know
Every year, Jews gather around the dinner table—if possible, with family and friends—to recall the Exodus at the Passover Seder.
15 Steps to Freedom: Seder for Recovering Addicts
The message of Passover and the message of recovery are intrinsically intertwined.
Did you know that everything in your possession was intended for you from before the world was created?
Some of the core Passover mitzvahs appear to highlight the uniqueness of the individual rather than the unity of the Jewish people.
Just Say No to Linen
Abel rejoiced for the Jews, and thus offered a sheep to resemble the paschal lamb. Cain identified with Egypt, and thus offered produce.
Freedom to Commit
Living the Story
Nothing is more real than the story. G‑d cherished the story so much, He built a world in which it would unfold...
Between Fire and Ice
"Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice…"
Will the Messianic redemption be a cataclysmic event akin to the Exodus, or a natural process? That seemingly depends on us...
The Midnight Mystery
Why did the Exodus have to take place precisely at midnight? Indeed, what is “midnight”?
Why Celebrate the Past?
What is the point in celebrating an event that has already happened? This question applies to our birthday, anniversary or our Exodus from Egypt
When you walk or run, your change of place derives from your prior position. One foot leaves the ground, while the other remains planted there to provide the forward impetus. But when you jump, both feet leave the ground...
It seems that Moses felt that lashon hara alone was enough to hold off the redemption from Egypt. Why?
To Be Free
On the Seder night, we are confronted with a wealth of forms, symbols, complicated customs and rituals, and several different phases of Jewish history.
What Kind of Freedom is this Anyway?
Passover is supposedly the festival of freedom from slavery. But it seems ridiculous to celebrate freedom by not eating bread!
What is Freedom?
On the first night of Passover, we are commanded to relate the miracles and wonders that were performed for our forefathers in Egypt, as it is written, "Remember this day, on which you went out of Egypt".
The Festival of Liberation
We are once again, thank G-d, approaching and preparing for the holiday of Passover, when we remember and celebrate the freedom we were granted by Almighty G-d in the past, while we eagerly anticipate to be emancipated now.
Is the Exodus a Myth?
How authentic is the story of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt? From the Aztecs to the Athenians, every nation has myths about their origins. Is the Exodus story not just a Jewish legend, our nation's attempt to glorify its beginnings?
How Exile Leads to Redemption
After their many years of enslavement in Egypt, our ancestors had difficulty conceiving of any other possible framework of existence. A parallel exists in the present age. Today, after thousands of years in exile, many find the concepts of Mashiach and Redemption foreign.
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