By the Grace of G‑d
4 Tammuz, 5711 [July 8, 1951]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

Regarding your trip to Ireland, it would be appropriate if you could find a way that the trip should also generate spiritual "income." Obviously, earning a living in the material sense is an important thing, as explained in the "revealed" part of Torah1 and especially in the teachings of Chassidism;2 nevertheless, there is something not quite right when ten chassidim travel to a place twice and a third time, slaughter several hundred animals,3 receive their pay in pounds or francs, and return home without having had a refining effect—without having done anything to further their mission in life (at least not anything discernible to the physical eye).

It is told that in the time of the Mitteler Rebbe4 there was a directive to all chassidim who came to Lubavitch, that while traveling—or, more correctly, walking5 —back home they should repeat the chassidic teachings they had learned in every place they passed through, even the smallest hamlet that was on their route home. For although the purpose of their journey was to be in Lubavitch and return home, [the Rebbe wanted that] the places they passed through should be an integral part of this purpose, not a hiatus.

I am certain that upon intensive contemplation (as my father-in-law the Rebbe elaborates in his writings on the nature of a true contemplation) you will indeed conclude that despite the fact that the purpose of your trip to Ireland is to earn a livelihood for yourself and your family (may they live) and return home, there is much to be achieved in your doings and your way-stations toward this end, so that it should be recognizable that this is the work of chassidim who are connected with my father-in-law the Rebbe.

May the Almighty grant that, beginning with your next trip, you should find the proper means to add at least a little bit of light to our dark world.

With blessings for a safe journey and success in your work, and regards to the entire group, may they live,


(Free translation)6