This letter was addressed to R. Yaakov Landau who served as an attendant of the Rebbe Rashab and later became the Rav of Bnei Brak and one of the leading Rabbinical authorities in Eretz Yisrael.

B”H, 6 Iyar, 5706

Greetings and blessings,

From time to time, I have inquired about you and all your circumstances. In particular, this applies with regard to these years which are filled with many different events. I was happy [to hear] that, as related to me, you have found your place in the community in Bnei Brak in a manner that leaves you satisfied to a fair degree.

You have certainly been informed of the publications published here recently, in particular, those of Otzar HaChassidim. For a certain time, I have been collecting sichos and letters from the Rebbe [Rashab]. (For the manuscripts of the Rebbe’s letters were not all preserved. I am careful not to speak about this or to ask specific questions of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe Shlita, lest the matter [cause him] distress.)

It is with regard to this matter that I am turning to you. You certainly have in your possession copies of several letters from the Rebbe [Rashab] and perhaps [copies of] sichos that were not included in the collection of sichos which we printed. Could you send me a copy of them? The importance of the matter and the great satisfaction [this will bring] is not necessary to elaborate on to a person like yourself. Obviously, I will bear any expenses connected with the above. And I include my thanks from the very outset.

A list of the sichos of the Rebbe [Rashab] which we printed is included. The text itself was sent out under a separate cover.

In particular, I am interested if you have in your possession a copy of the [Rebbe Rashab’s] will1 and also the letter concerning the sacred nature of Lashon HaKodesh and conversation in it.2 Perhaps you know of other members of the chassidic brotherhood who possess these, [in which instance,] I would write to them.

I hope that you wish to participate and help in the above task. I am awaiting an early reply, without delaying until you receive the text of the sichos.

With warm regards to all the members of your household, although I do not know them, and to conclude with wishes for all good, forever,

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson