This letter was addressed to R. Chanoch Hendel Havlin, one of the members of the Lubavitch community in Jerusalem.

B”H, 13 Iyar, 5706

Greetings and blessings,

I ask your forgiveness for [the fact that], due to various reasons, I have not answered letters [in the last months], including also a letter from you.

a) Let me begin with thanks for your efforts to obtain the certificate for my esteemed mother. To influence the agents of the Russian government here is not possible at the present time. They did, however, say here that since we are speaking about a woman of 70, she would be given an emigration visa. According to the situation there, when asking for an emigration visa, the chances are much more positive if one already possesses an immigration visa to another country. This does not apply when this is not the case. (Moreover, when [one possesses an immigration visa, they do not look unfavorably on the person who asks for license [to emigrate]. This is enough said for a person of understanding.) Therefore it is my hope that since the Chief Rabbi also promised to help in this matter (— perhaps she will also have an advantage because she once had such a certificate —) with the proper effort, it will be possible to obtain a certificate for her.

b) I was informed that several years ago in Jerusalem, there was a teacher in the Talmud Torah, Chayei Olam, called Yitzchak Izak Izen who possessed an archive of letters from R. Avraham of Kalisk and the chassidim of that era (perhaps also, the Alter Rebbe).1 You would achieve much if you could locate the man and this archive and endeavor to have the archive sent to my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe Shlita.

c) For a while, I have been collecting letters and sichos from the Rebbe [Rashab]. We have recently published one volume of them. Perhaps you know people who have copies of the above which were not included in this collection. Please notify me and I will turn to that person.

To conclude with the blessing “Immediately to teshuvah; immediately to Redemption,”

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson