By the Grace of G‑d
26th of Sivan, 5719 [July 2, 1959]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

I was pleased to receive your letter of the 10th of Sivan, in which you write that you have been elected as Gabbei in the Lubavitch Youth Minyan, and that you also participate in the Mesibos Shabbos [Sabbath youth club], and are trying to use your good influence to strengthen Yiddishkeit and the observance of the Mitzvos.

It is surely unnecessary to emphasize that in order to have a good influence effectively, it is necessary to be consistent in what one preaches and does, so that the theory and practice go hand in hand together. In other words, it is necessary to serve as a living example as to how a Jewish boy should conduct himself every day. Needless to say also, where the Torah and Mitzvos are concerned, there is always room for improvement and advancement, since the Torah and Mitzvos are endless. Therefore, I hope that you will make growing efforts all the time in this direction.

Enclosed you will find a brief message which was given to a group of boys active in the field of education and influence. I am sure you will find it inspiring and useful, especially as you are a Gabbei yourself, whose function is, among others, to illuminate the Shul and inspire the worshippers.

I send my prayerful wishes to you and all the children who attend the Minyan and Mesibos Shabbos. I hope every one of them will serve as a bright candle to spread the light of Torah and Mitzvos around him.