By the Grace of G‑d

11th of Shevat, 57251
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dr. Velvl Greene
Independence So.
Minneapolis 26, Minn.

Greetings and Blessing:

I duly received your letter of December 30, in which I read with interest about your new position. This is undoubtedly a true promotion, both professionally as well as in the opening up of new horizons in your work for the spiritual benefit of the many, and when the two are coupled it is indeed a true and complete promotion.

May G‑d grant that this be the forerunner of further advancement in the same direction which is indeed a natural aspiration, as our Sages declared, “He who possesses 100, desires to possess 200, and he who possesses 200, desires 400.” This indicates that the ambition grows with success, and having advanced, one is not satisfied with the previous increment. The same, at least, should be true in the spiritual sense.

We are now in particularly auspicious days, as we are about to observe the Yahrzeit-Hilulo of my father-in-law of saintly memory, on the 10th of Shevat. Inasmuch as Tzadikim, the faithful shepherds that they are, continue to take care of those of whom they had taken care of in their lifetime on this earth, it is certain that my father-in-law of saintly memory is a faithful intercessor in behalf of the institutions which are carried on in his spirit, and those who are actively engaged in their support and expansion.

With blessing /signature