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Parshat Vayeira

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Readings for Vayeira
Cheshvan 18, 5779
October 27, 2018

Kings II 4:1-37
Torah Portion: Vayeira
From our Sages on the Parshah
Because I know [Abraham], that he will command his children and his household after him that they shall keep the way of G-d, to do charity and justice (Genesis 18:19)

Said the Divine Attribute of Chessed (love): "As long as Abraham was around, there was nothing for me to do, for he did my work in my stead."

(Sefer HaBahir)

For G-d has heard the voice of the lad where he is (21:17)

The angels hastened to indict [Ishmael], exclaiming: "Sovereign of the Universe! Would You bring up a well for one who will one day slay Your children with thirst?" "What is he now," asked G-d "righteous or wicked?". "Righteous," said the angels. Said G-d: "I judge man only as he is at the moment."

(Midrash Rabbah)