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Covenant & Conversation

Thoughts on the Weekly Parshah from Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

Abraham was chosen to be a parental role model. But how can a man who banished his son Ishmael, sending him off with his mother Hagar into the desert, where they nearly died, be thought of as an exemplary father? And how could a man who was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac be a model for future generations?
Throughout history, Jews were called on to value children. Our entire value system is built on it.
Even Higher Than Angels
Faced with a choice between listening to G‑d, and offering hospitality to human beings, Abraham chose the latter.
Answering the Call
The early history of humanity as told in the Torah is a series of disappointments. G‑d gives human beings freedom, which they then misuse.
Does Judaism Believe in Human Sacrifice?
Why did God need to “test” Abraham, given that He knows the human heart better than we know it ourselves?
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