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Rashi Studies (Advanced)

The act of circumcision represented an unprecedented leap in Avraham's Divine service, towards which he had been heading his entire life. So why did he feel any pain? Surely, Avraham would have been so elated that he felt no pain at all?
How could Avraham serve his guests "cream and milk" AND "the calves that he had prepared"?
Sarah could see, more clearly than Avraham, that the root of all of Yishma'el's bad behavior was his failure to recognize that he was not Avraham's true heir.
Avraham had already proven that he was willing to die to sanctify G‑d's Name, and Jews throughout history have likewise given their lives. With the Akeida, Avraham showed that he would be faithful to G‑d even when it meant ensuring the failure of everything he believed in.
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