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From the Chassidic Masters

A deed that reaches backward and forward in time to embrace all that enables it and all that results from it, to include them all in an encounter with G-d...
A History of Love
A famous talk by the Lubavitcher Rebbe analyzes the lives of Noah, Abraham and Moses as milestones in humanity’s journey from an instinctive selfhood to a true concept of “love” for one’s fellow. We also encounter the basis of the Rebbe’s groundbreaking approach to “outreach,” and how to relate to those who are supposedly spiritually “inferior” to oneself.
The Binding of Isaac
The “binding of Isaac” has come to represent the ultimate in the Jew’s devotion to G‑d. But every nation and cause has its martyrs. Is there anything truly unique about Abraham’s deed, or about the Jew’s readiness to sacrifice himself for his Creator?
Clay Vessels and You
My movements are sluggish. A thousand times I have done this. Thousands more I will . . . I yearn for “inspiration” . . .
Extorted Faith
Do we ever really want to go against G-d's will? What is the point of despair? What stops a person from being sensitive to G-d?
Shabbat Parshat Vayeira, 15 Mar-Cheshvan 5748
If It's There, Why Can't We See It?
A young Rebbe's insightful question
Why tell us that G‑d only reveals Himself to "a righteous Jew who decides at the age of 99 to circumcise himself"? What is the relevance of such a message to the average individual?
The Contrast Between Isaac and Ishmael
Why were Isaac and Ishmael circumcised at different ages?
Abraham’s two sons represents two radically different modes of relating to G‑d.
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