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Rabbi Gordon - Re'eh: 5th Portion

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charles ny August 12, 2015

tithes If I may be so bold, I'd like to reply to those who ask how do I fulfill the mitzvah of tithing, if I'm a student and/or unemployed.
There are many mitzvahs that if we can't do them, we don't. Nezirus, sacrifices are two that come to mind.
Just remember, once you get a job, do the right thing ! Reply

Anonymous SC July 31, 2013

tzedaka I understand charity, but how do we understand tithing today? How much to give, and to whom do we give? Please direct me to where I might learn more on this subject.

Thank you! Reply

Akiva Virginia Beach August 16, 2012

unemployed Rebbe,"What is the law when one has no income?" Reply

Anonymous philippines August 15, 2012

tzedaka What if i am a student without a job am i required for the mitzvah of tithing? Reply

Anonymous St Paul, MN August 25, 2011

tzedaka How do we calculate the various ' tithes' today, based on today's portion?

Where can I learn about how to fulfill my tzedaka obligations?

Thank you! Reply

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