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Shabbat Observance - Part VIII

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Shabbat Observance - Part VIII

The final episode in a series of eight classes, defining the laws of work on Shabbat.

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Shaul Wolf January 19, 2016

Re: belt There are a number of ways that a key may be "worn" on Shabbat:
a) It may be put in one's belt, replacing the belt buckle.
b) It may serve as a tie pin (provided it is respectful looking)
c) An elastic belt may be made, with the key connecting the two ends of the elastic. Make sure to drill a hole in both sides of the key and have the elastic enter from either side, ensuring that the key is "suspended" in middle of the belt. Reply

Yisroel January 4, 2016

Carrying keys You could wear them like a belt Reply

Micheal Kelley Indianapolis, IN August 24, 2010

Carrying object on Shabbat If one cannot carry keys from the private domain into the public. How would one travel to temple for shabbat? Reply

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