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Shabbat Info

An in-depth look at Shabbat, its significance, laws, and traditions.

What Is Shabbat?
A brief overview of the history, meaning, laws and traditions of Shabbat -- the weekly day of rest.
What to Expect at a Shabbat Dinner
So, you have been invited to join a family for a Shabbat meal. What do you need to know?
What to Expect at Shabbat Morning Synagogue Services
The natives are friendly, so feel free to reach out if you have a question. Really.
Shabbat A to Z
a) Leave work early Friday afternoon....j) Pour a cup of kosher wine or grape juice into a special goblet...u) Eat the Third Meal...z) Repeat next week.
13 Special Shabbats on the Jewish Calendar
Some weeks, the Shabbat is given an additional, unique name, often related to a special haftarah or Torah reading added to that day’s service.
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