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Shabbat Rest Questions and Answers

FAQs about Shabbat rest -- that which is prohibited and permitted on the weekly Day of Rest.

What If I Found Something in my Pocket on Shabbat?
Despite your best efforts, you’re carrying an item while walking on Shabbat. So what do you do?
Swing or Hammock Attached to a Tree on Shabbat?
There are potential issues with using a swing or hammock attached to a tree on Shabbat, and there may be ways to mitigate these problems.
Why Do Jews Carry in an Eruv on Shabbat?
How does an eruv work?
If the Torah says that carrying outside is forbidden on Shabbat, how can a few barely-visible wires make a difference?
I Cannot Stop on Shabbat
By far the most difficult commandment for me to keep is Shabbat. I never seem to get everything done in time on Friday, and can't just leave it alone as I should. Can you help me?
I have a great job, but it requires me to work on Shabbat...
In this industry, I have only Saturday and Sunday to conduct business.
Driving a Woman in Labor on the Sabbath
I am pregnant, due in several months, and I don’t know what to do if I would go into labor on the Sabbath. I am sure it would be okay for us to drive to the hospital in such a case. The question is, is there anything we should know beforehand?
My Friend Calls Me on the Shabbat!
As I grow in my observance, I have stopped taking calls on the Shabbat. I have a friend I would always speak to on Saturday morning. I had a conversation with her and explained that I cannot speak on the phone on Shabbat. But she insists on calling at the same time we would always speak.
Why Does the Start of the Sabbath Fluctuate?
An observant Jew recently joined my staff. He is a reliable employee, an honest man and a hard worker. But for the past few weeks he has been telling us that he needs to leave early on Fridays to be home in time for the Sabbath and the same on the eve of Jewish holidays...
Pay the Rabbi and Cantor for Shabbat Services?
As I understand it, we are not allowed to work on Shabbat. So how is it that the cantor and the rabbi can be paid for their Shabbat duties? Is it not considered work?
Day of Rest
I like the idea of a day of rest. But why should I start my day of rest at a prayer service? Aren't there better ways to start my weekend?
Why So Many Don'ts on Shabbat?
I love the Shabbat experience, but why so many restrictions? All that "don't do this" and "don't do that" -- sounds more like a prison than a day of rest!
May I Order a Shabbat Delivery?
And what to do with packages that arrive
Now that online shopping is becoming a necessity, the question arises: Is it permitted to place an order that is supposed to be delivered on Shabbat?
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