Is it permitted for a Jew in Israel to phone a gentile in the USA when it is no longer Shabbat in Israel but it is still Shabbat in the USA?

The majority of the poskim permit it as the Jew is not violating the Shabbat and as far as the Jew is concerned the Shabbat is already out. One could argue and say that since in the gentile's location it is still Shabbat and one is telling a gentile to 'desecrate' the Shabbat - but this is not so because the reasons prohibiting Amira Le'Aku"m do not apply. For example: one reason is because if a Jew tells a gentile to violate the Shabbat, the Jew may do the same. This does not apply in this case because it is not Shabbat for the Jew and the Jew's Shabbat will not be violated at any point. Another is because 'telling' him is a violation of Shabbat speech. This does not apply either because it is not Shabbat for the Jew.