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Insights on Shabbat Candle Lighting

A deeper look at why we light Shabbat and holiday candles

15 Shabbat Candle Facts Every Jewish Woman (and Man) Should Know
Shabbat candles are lit by Jewish women and girls 18 minutes before sunset every Friday afternoon and on the eve of Jewish holiday.
Make Light
We de-light from mundaneness and delight in holiness
To Be a Sun or a Black Hole?
The Message of the Shabbat Candles
A Chabad emissary in the Ukraine touches the life of another through Shabbat candles, and light up their corner of the world with the awareness of G d—which is actually the very message of the Shabbat candle.
Oil, Wick, Vessel, Flame
The wick would flare and die. The oil is difficult to ignite at all. But when brought together in the lamp, they produce a steady flame. And so it is in the of the "a lamp of G-d" that is our soul
Soul on Fire
How the candle (and all its components) is a metaphor for the human being.
Shades of Light
The single wicks of the Shabbat candles, exuding calmness, repose and homeliness; the braided torch accompanying the departing queen, lighting the darkness that becomes more marked in her absence...
What’s With the Candles?
When you use something physical, it gets “used up” and diminished. With spiritual things, the very opposite is the case
Let There Be Light
A wealthy man had three sons, and was uncertain as to which one he should entrust his business. So he devised a test. He took his three sons to a room which was absolutely empty and he said to them, "Fill this room as best as you are able..."
On Giving Charity before Kindling Shabbat Candles
This is in reply to your letter in which you inquire about the significance of the dollar bill you received in connection with the Candle Lighting Campaign.
Feminine Power
Every Jewish woman and girl has a similar power. Each one has a unique role to play in making the world a dwelling for the Divine.
Three Levels of Femininity
A Kabbalistic understanding of candle-lighting
It is in the power of women to ignite the souls of all human beings—to be the catalyst for their emerging out of spiritual dormancy and becoming beautiful, expressive flames that rise upwards toward their Creator.
The Meaning Behind the Flames
Light is referred to as peace, because it gives us the ability to distinguish between different things, and thus to perceive the uniqueness of every person...
Why Are Shabbat Candles Lit 18 Minutes Before Sunset?
We go out to receive the Shabbat even before she arrives . . .
Welcome to our candle-lighting section, where you will find the details and practicalities of lighting Shabbat candles, along with the meaning, spirituality and power of doing so . . .
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