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Food on Shabbat Questions and Answers

FAQ about Shabbat foods and food preparation: Why do we eat cholent on Shabbat? Is it permitted to warm up a fully-cooked item on Shabbat? And more...

How Does a Busy Working Woman Prepare for Shabbat?
I am a professional. I work a lot. Quitting is not an option, and I leave work on Fridays barely in time to arrive home by sundown. Help!
How Do We Add a Special Ambiance to Our Shabbat Meals?
I work full time, so I can’t cook anything very special for Shabbat . . .
Why Eat Fish on Shabbat?
Eleven Answers to One Question
What Is Cholent? Plus: A Tasty and Easy Cholent Recipe
Cholent is a culinary delight enjoyed by Jews of all backgrounds on Shabbat afternoon. Sephardic Jews refer to this dish as "chameen" ("the hot dish").
Why Eat Kugel on Shabbat?
I’m a bit of a picky eater. So, I’d like to know: is there a deeper reason for me to be eating this stuff?
What is a Matzo Ball?
All About Matzo Ball Soup and Kneidelach
Served in chicken soup, matzo balls are dumplings made of matzo meal (ground matzo), egg, oil, water and flavoring
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