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Shabbat Observance - Part I

Part I

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Shabbat Observance - Part I: Part I

“On the Seventh day you shall rest from all work”. What constitutes work? There are 39 Cardinal prohibitions on the Shabbat, and many off-shoot laws that are derived thereof. The first in a series of eight classes, defining the laws of work on Shabbat.
Prohibition of Work on Shabbat, Shabbat

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aviel beer hagolah February 27, 2024

hi my name is aviel and i love this video Reply

Rochel Chein for August 20, 2013

To Carol Shabbat is the holiest day of the week, while Yom Kippur, which is referred to as "Shabbat Shabbaton" -- the "Shabbat of Shabbats," (Leviticus 16:31) is the holiest day of the year. Learn more about Shabbat and about Yom Kippur here. Reply

carol reisch bronx NY August 15, 2013

Shabbath Is shabbat the most holy day of the year each month? Or is it Yom Kippur? Reply

Anonymous leicester October 14, 2012

Name of the song? BH Dear Rabbi Thank you for this informative shiur. Can you tell me the name of the song in the background of the video (it starts at approx 1minute 30 seconds)? Do you know where I could find the lyrics? Thank you! Reply

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