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Shabbat Videos

Gain a taste of the beauty of Shabbat with these wonderful videos that explore our day of rest.

Video | 19:08
A day of rest & rejuvenation
See, hear, understand and taste the Shabbat experience. The presentation places one in a Shabbat wonderland, and shows how this is attainable for everyone. This video includes interviews with various Jewish personalities. A must for anyone venturing to take the first steps towards Shabbat observance.
Do-It-Yourself Shabbat Candles
How to Light the Shabbat Candles
Simple-to-follow instructions on how to light the Shabbat candles.
Shabbat Meal How-To
Instructional Videos for the Jewish Home
British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks hosts these short instructional videos that show how to perform various prayers and rituals connected to the Shabbat meal. Featuring Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov and Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet.
The Joy of Shabbat
Video | 35:16
The Joy of Shabbat
Women and Wisdom: Lesson 2
Discovering the pleasures of immersing ourselves into a complete 25-hour Shabbat experience.
The Shabbat Candles
Each Friday, 18 minutes before sunset, everything stops and we usher in the Shabbat with the lighting of the candles. Rebbetzin Rivkah Denburg of Boca Raton shares some personal thoughts on the meaning of lighting the Shabbat candles
Shabbat Overview
Video | 5:05
Shabbat Overview
Our sages tell us: G-d told the heavenly angels: “I have a special treasure called Shabbat, and I will give it to the Jewish people”. For six days we work, and the seventh – Shabbat brings holiness and rest” {Ed. Note: Not filmed on Shabbat}
Shabbat Observance
“On the Seventh day you shall rest from all work”. What constitutes work? There are 39 general categories of labor that are forbidden on the Shabbat and many derivative laws as well. Watch this series of eight classes which present an overview of the laws of work on Shabbat.
Shabbat Candle Power
Miri demonstrates how one little candle puts a lot of power into the hands of one little girl. Or is it really just one little girl?
Shabbat – An Island in Time
Video | 1:19:17
Shabbat – An Island in Time
Jewish Essentials - Part 2
The holy day of Shabbat is more than just a day of rest. Discover the what, how and why of this special day we were gifted. This class is the second of a six-part lecture series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
Lighting Shabbat Candles
How to light the candles before Shabbat and Holidays.
How to Make Kiddush
How to recite Kiddush at the beginning of the Shabbat evening meal.
A Taste of Shabbos
Video | 59:13
A Taste of Shabbos
The Complete Format for the Traditional Shabbat Dinner
More than just a cooking video, A Taste of Shabbos presents the historic and cultural background of the foods and traditions that make the Shabbat such a meaningful experience.
How One Little Candle Changed a Family
The Shabbos candle lighting campaign has yielded far-reaching results. One example from the many reports we received: A little girl, five or six years old, attended a non-religious school in Israel. One day, an older girl spoke to her class about the Mitzvah of Shabbos candles. She taught them the blessings, and gave them candles and candlesticks to take home.
How to Do Havdalah
How to perform the havdalah ceremony at the conclusion of Shabbat and festivals.
Shabbat & Blessings for Livelihood
When does a person grapple with closing his business on Shabbat? When he believes that he is the one who makes himself successful. When Friday night comes around, no matter how large a business deal one is involved in, a Jew must recognize that violating the Shabbat cannot bring G-d’s blessing…
Remember the Shabbat
The Fourth Commandment
"Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work; but the seventh day is a Sabbath unto the Lord your G-d. “
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