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How One Little Candle Changed a Family

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How One Little Candle Changed a Family

The Shabbos candle lighting campaign has yielded far-reaching results. One example from the many reports we received: A little girl, five or six years old, attended a non-religious school in Israel. One day, an older girl spoke to her class about the Mitzvah of Shabbos candles. She taught them the blessings, and gave them candles and candlesticks to take home.
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Chana Brooklyn October 26, 2021

would like to watch this video with Spanish/other languages options
Is there a way to do it? Reply

Danny for JEM October 28, 2021
in response to Chana :

Yes, you can watch in multiple languages (including Spanish) on JEM.TV. Reply

chana Brooklyn October 29, 2021
in response to Danny for JEM :

Hello,Do u have the staright link pls?
Shabbat shalom! Reply

Anonymous July 6, 2016

HaShem bless You. Reply

yankel weill April 20, 2016

Wow what one spark can do its מוירדיג Reply

Patrick (Pesach) Smith Baytown November 6, 2014

Time for my candle. I have been through a lot in my life. I was a soldier in the Army for 20yrs. I was the Jewish Lay Leader at Every post. My first post was Ft.Drum, in up state N.Y. and I found a tutor named Rabbi Murray Staudmauer. He took my 17 year old wide Jewish eyes a day educated me. He followed the teachings of the Rebbe. I have drifted away from my Jewishness, and my family as well. In honor of the greatest men in my life, Rabbi Staudmauer and the Rebbe, this Shabbat we will Kindle the Shabbat Flame. Reply

victoria ovejero tucuman November 2, 2014

Shabbat Candles I light Shabbat Candles every friday night.
Shalom.- Reply

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