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A Visionary in Our Time

The Exceptional Leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

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A Visionary in Our Time: The Exceptional Leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The past century has been fraught with unprecedented challenges facing our people, and it was precisely at this juncture that called for extraordinary leadership. Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson explores three central themes in the Rebbe’s visionary leadership. (Recorded at a tribute commemorating the Rebbe’s twentieth yahrtzeit at Park East Synagogue)
Gimmel Tammuz, 20th Century, The, Leadership, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Clem Douglas Brisbane June 10, 2019

Baruch HaShem for sharing this exceptional shiur. Reply

Borys Krupa May 9, 2018

Yosef and his speech are just amazing!

thank you so much! Reply

Luna` Basheve-Singer March 30, 2018

I wish the Jewish people in my community of Corvallis, Oregon, could hear these wise words. I wish they care about all Jews, instead of the ones who have money. I wish they would stop making fun of Chassidic Jews. I attended the local synagogue twice, and after being asked what I did for a living, and explaining that I am disabled with PTSD and chronic pain, everyone turned away and ignored me completely. It was so bad that these Jews were competing over which veterinarian they used--the best veterinarian was the most expensive one!
These Jews also believe that Jewish people who don't go to synagogue are not Jewish. And that German Jews are superior. When the local university's Jewish center was destroyed, not one Jew spoke up. The newspaper didn't cover this, and I, alone, even though I struggle with disability, went to a newsroom meeting at the paper and asked Why?
Yet, two months later, a tiny fire occurred at the local mosque, and the Rabbi held a peace vigil for Muslims. Reply

JDV August 4, 2020
in response to Luna` Basheve-Singer:

Your comments pain me because there is so much truth to them. My husband insists we continue at a Reform temple, where I learn nothing, but Chabad is my congregation! Reply

Anonymous CA September 25, 2016

Yashr Ko'ach Rabbi Jacobson my pre Shlichos farbraningin 2016 Reply

sasha April 8, 2016

enjoyed. Reply

David Kaplan Israel August 23, 2015

Such an amazing talk! It uplifts your spirit and energy
Big yishar koach! Reply

Michael Ben Tzvi Buenos Aires August 9, 2014

God bless Israel Great talk! Reply

avi schryber the holy state July 1, 2014

absolutely brilliant!!!!!! Reply

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