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Inspiration is Overrated

Three Models for Living: Part 1


Inspiration is Overrated: Three Models for Living: Part 1

After the inspiration is gone, how do we keep ourselves motivated? The answer can be found in the first three portions of the Torah.
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Joy; Happiness, Inspiration

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JDV October 10, 2015

Inspiration You look hip and you are hip. Look forward to subsequent videos. Thanks. Reply

Efraim Ben Uri Fuengirola November 15, 2012

Incredible speech. Awesome speech. I thought however that the first Commandment (mitzpah) was "go forth and multiply" and not "brit milah" like you said. Reply

Avraham ben Rafael California USA November 14, 2012

A great beginning! ...and I look forward to "the rest of the story" from Rabbi Shishler. It is a pleasant surprise to hear chassidus spoken with an accent that I recognize... beste wense! Reply

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