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Do Not Fear

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Do Not Fear

Which verse appears most often in the Torah?
Fear; Awe, Courage

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Tim Winters Syracuse September 8, 2017

Very powerful! Thank you Rabbi :-)! Reply

Andy Minneapolis, Minnesota USA June 7, 2014

Powerful B"H, thank you Rabbi Greenberg for sharing this powerful teaching. Reply

Shlomo Dovid Chicago, IL September 16, 2012

a terrible human example to use All I kept thinking of was that even vicious killers, rapist, terrorists had a valuable insight and means by which to aid their evil and destructive ways... Pirates were akin to living breathing demons roaming the seas and land. In all the world of possible examples of seeing through darkness, no better example could be found? Let's revere the wisdom and insight of the pirate then? (I know the intention here - but why site pirates in any manner of examples for anything good? Too much modern-day movies glamorizing pirates.. and not at all realistic as to who pirates really were and still are!!!) Reply

Julie Durham, UK August 17, 2012

I liked this very much, thank you. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn August 15, 2012

To complete the analogy... Thanks for this thoughtful analogy! To carry it a bit further... Like the pirate, we cannot waste valuable time if/when we fall to darkness. We need to instantly adjust, fight, and recover. But how to do that? What is the equivalent of the eye patch? Maybe it is to always recognize and remember our weaknesses (the dark side), even when the sun is shining. This should prevent (at least shoulder) the fall. And provide for a healthy rebound. Reply

Pinchas Eliyahu Shanghai, China August 14, 2012

Awesome Wow, powerful message! Makes saying Al Tirah at the end of davening more meaningful. Thank you Rabbi. Reply

Anonymous sarasota August 13, 2012

Psalm 23 inspires to conquer fear too! Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death....I will fear no evil, for G-d is with me!!! His rod and his staff comfort me! It is not our own capacity to overcome it is G-d's capacity to lead us in His ways of righteousness, goodness and mercy and to give us green pastures and still waters and tables overflowing and annointing our heads with oil all in the presence of our enemies that gives us strength to continue in the face of fear! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn August 13, 2012

Very nice video!!! Thank you!! Reply

Debbie Amsterdam August 12, 2012

thank you very inspiring Reply

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