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Counting the 613 Commandments

Rambam's Book of Mitzvahs

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Counting the 613 Commandments: Rambam's Book of Mitzvahs

What was unique about Maimonides Sefer HaMitzvot in which he lists and defines each of the 613 commandments of the Torah?
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Shlome Israel October 19, 2021

Dear Rabbi Kaplan שליט״א
In your shiur on the Mitzveh of שבועת שווא you said that if someone swears not to eat treif, if his intention is to withhold himself from being עובר on his temptation to eat that food which is treif than it’s not a שבועת שווא.
Could you please tell me where is the מקור of that Halocheh.
TIA Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill, Ontario October 20, 2021
in response to Shlome :

הלכות שבועות, פרק חמישי הלכה ט״ז, וכן בפרק י״א הלכה ג. וכן בהסמ״ג ע׳ קכ״ג טור ושלחן ערוך סימן ר״ג סעיף ו׳

וראה בפירוש הרמב״ן במסכת נדרים דף ח,ב
וראה עוד בקה״י סימן ח Reply

שלמה ארי׳ Bet Shemesh October 21, 2021
in response to Rabbi Mendel Kaplan:

יישר כח
שבתא טבא
שלמה ארי׳ Reply

Asher Efraim Feldman July 22, 2021

Thanks a lot also for the calming tone of voice. There are some which bring agitation, and there are some which bring peace. Thank you very much for the warmth and calming voice and exposition. Thanks for providing such a professional platform for learning. This is clarity of video and audio. Superb setting. Reply

Miri Zurich September 23, 2019

Dear Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, I have been studying the book of mizvot with you soon a whole year (I didnt start at the offical start, which was a feew weeks ago). I want to thank you for this video class. It was an intensive and great study. Thank you very much and I hope others feel encouraged and do this studies as well! Reply

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