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Rabbi Gordon - Behaalotecha: 1st Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Behaalotecha: 1st Portion

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Behaalotecha, Parshah

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Colette Jurczyk Melbourne June 19, 2016

Kindling Souls Out of all the Jewish Holidays I am familiar with - Hannukah is my favourite.

I am amazed by the similarity between the menorah and the Jerusalem plant! Reply

Richard Bronowitz Jacksonville, Florida May 21, 2013

A Confusing Rashi The Rashi to chapter 8 verse 8 says that the olah and chatas offerings brought by the Levites were communal offerings to atone for idolatry. Verse 12 of the same chapter says that these (same?) offerings were atonement for the Levites. Are these consistent? I'm sure I'm missing something very straightforward. Thank you.
It's interesting, Rabbi Gordon, that I feel I know you since we spend over an hour together every day. I appreciate your efforts to do this very much. Reply

Daliah Davis June 5, 2012

Dear Rabbi Gordon

I listen to your audio classes almost every day and I am very greatful for it!My mother tounge is German but I find your parsha class very easy to understand and enjoy my self watching and listening to it.
I have a burning question, are we close to the final redemption? My second question is, why cant we recite tehillim in the night time and what time is the earliest we can recite them again? Thank you for your wonderful work. My best wishes to you. Reply

Rabbi yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA June 6, 2011

Aaron the High Priest In Chassidic tradition we are taught that the Rebbe or Leader of the generation is the "Aaron the High Priest" of every generation. Locally, it would be the Rabbi or Spiritual Leader of the community. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA June 5, 2011

Be Ha'Alotekha Dear Rabbi Gordon,
Based on today's lesson chapter 8:2-3. As your teachings pointed out that every Jew is a candle. My question is: Today we don't have Aaron to kindle our candle- who plays his role in the Shul, or in the congregation?
Thank you in advance for your kind attention to my inquiry. Reply

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