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Rabbi Gordon - Behaalotecha: 2nd Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Behaalotecha: 2nd Portion

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Behaalotecha, Parshah

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Richard Bronowitz Jacksonville, Florida May 21, 2013

Aaron's might feat I have not found any reference to how Aaron managed to wave 22,300 Levites in one day. He had to wave each of them in four directions. The math indicates that he had fewer than 4 seconds for each Levite if he worked non-stop for 24 hours. Was there a miracle that stopped time so that he could complete his task? Reply

Samuel May 24, 2021
in response to Richard Bronowitz:

Hey Richard! Just happened upon your comment. Hope you've done well since 2013. Yeah so if Aaron was just waving then once forward back right left up down, that's just about 4,5 secs. I guess if an 80 year old Lubavitcher Rebbe could stand for 5+ hours every Sunday meeting and blessing people, G-d could give Aaron the strength to levitate the Levites! Reply

Anonymous NYC May 19, 2013

The first born of Jacob Isn't the first born of Jacob, Reuben?
Wouldn't the Kehuna correspond to Reuben, Jacob's first born? Reply

Avi June 4, 2023
in response to Anonymous:

The firstborn was originally Reuven, but as a result of his involvement in his parents marital business, he lost it. Therefore it transferred to the tribe of Levi, and in particular Aaron and his descendants. Reply

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