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Rabbi Gordon - Shemini: 4th Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Shemini: 4th Portion

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Shemini, Parshah

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Abbe Graber Woodstock, NY April 8, 2015

~ Enjoying your lessons ~ Dear Rabbi Gordon,
You are such a wonderful teacher, so smart and so funny. Thank you for always keeping it real and delivering scripture in a way that only you could do. I have learned so much.
With great admiration and respect, Reply

Anonymous August 13, 2014

kohen gadol Dear Rabbi,
I enjoy your commentary on the the utmost, Hashemhas given you a brilliant mind and a super sense of humor.

question: did the Kohen Gadol have to sleep with the breastplate - did the Kohen Gadol have to carry the breastplate on his body 24/7 - if so where is this documented.

baruch Hashem - thankfully
could you route the answer to my e-mail address -? or where would I find your answer to my question?!?!? Reply

Alan Kansas City, MO March 19, 2014

Harshness I have seen a lot of angry rhetoric about Nadab and Abihu it seems very harsh, to first kill Aron's sons and then deny him mourning. I see nothing in the passage about the golden calf only "strange fire" I interpret this as the reason God destroyed them.
Don't presume to disrespect God in whatever way or be cut off the message couldn't be more clear. Reply

mpil san francisco March 19, 2014

based on what we have learned in chassidus it would seem that when a person prays for forgiveness and truly feels bad for what he has done, he not only is forgiven but retroactively is becomes as if it never happened, Yet, here we see aarons kids are being killed of specifically for the sin of the golden calf. Reply

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