I Believe

I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower
And I’ve seen Trafalgar Square
I’ve seen the sun rise on the ocean
And I know that you are there
From our holy land Israel
To the Jewish plight we all know so well
I know you are there
And I know, I know you care

Horrified, we watched the Towers fall
As my soul froze somehow
I wondered G‑d where are you now?
But as the people ran in fear
I know you were standing there
And as our heroes went to die
I think I heard you start to cry

And I believe, you’re listening to me
And I believe, you’re standing here with me
And the footprints in the sand, oh no they’re not from me
I believe they’re all from you my G‑d, when you carried me

The storms in our life
They come riding in like the wind
And turn us inside out
Just to fill our hearts with doubt
But you’re my strength, you’re my power
You’re my hero, you’re my tower
You’re my life-line in the sea
And it’s you who carries me