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“I Have a Family and a Home”

Students at Ohr Simcha in Israel sing to their award-winning school

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“I Have a Family and a Home”: Students at Ohr Simcha in Israel sing to their award-winning school

Ohr Simcha, in Kfar Chabad, Israel, is not a regular school. It provides a nurturing environment to some 300 boys, ranging in age from 5 to 20 years old, who have no other place to call home. Fifteen of these boys appear in this music video, and another 15 played musical instruments.

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Anonymous Eretz Yisroel November 18, 2019

The Ohr Simcha award winning school in Israel video I have a home and a family video of the school (award winning)
Ohr Simcha; so touching, alive, hopeful. In the book Positivity Bias towards the end, the Rebbe relates having hope and faith. And here the students sing about feeling part of a home and family.
What faces! Authenticity, inner pride, and joy. You really bring us there...A wonder-ful surprise visit. They sing that this schooling experience makes such a difference in their lives and will always stay with them. Thank you for giving us all even just glimpse of the huge difference having a home and family makes. Beautifully done, truly life giving. Reply

Shoshanna Pa-17110 July 19, 2015

Wow...speechless That was wonderful but heart-breaking at the same time... Reply

Anonymous February 17, 2014

The Rebbe must be smiling. Reply

Anonymous January 17, 2014

ani maamim I have worked with foster kids and they get care but not loving this is such a moving video to think that there are children that getting love . You can hear and see the sincerity .This is not just a song they are singing ,it is their hearts that are singing . To think that there is such a loving home for these children just goes to show how special the Jewish nation is . Look at all the chesed that we do from dirtibuting food to love . There are orphans that don't know who their father in heaven is . And we give them a love and understanding for him . I know that moshiach is getting closer and closer . I can hear the thundering of his footsteps . We are definately getting closer to moschiach - and Hashem . May we all be blessed to see the coming of moahiach speedily in our days .
thanlyou so much for this special video . It si so inspiring . Reply

Anonymous USA May 23, 2013

I Have A Family Where is the home for girls? Is there one? Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn September 13, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

ya what???
girls are humans too! Reply

Sheva Lazaros framingham ma December 16, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

If course there are girls' homes. there are several throughout Israel.
They provide the same love and nurture. Reply

sheva lazaros framingham ma December 17, 2021
in response to Sheva Lazaros :

lev lalev
girls orphanage
p.o. box 1210
monsey n.y. 10952
1-845-367-7130 Reply

Anonymous sakaka aljouf,saudi arabia April 23, 2013

I Have a Family and a Home. With tears,sympathy and compassion,I watched this video over and over again.
Knowing that these children have found the home of light , I have had a sense of relief. Reply

Rabbi Jonathan Khalimsky Kfar Chabad April 15, 2013

Thanks for the Encouragement! Dear Shula, Debra and anyone else who would like to help,

Tax-Deductible Donations can be made by sending cheques made out to Ohr Simcha to the following addresses:

440 Crown Street Brooklyn NY 11225 USA
P.O. Box 21 Kfar Chabad, 60840 Israel

However, it is important to stress that your help is valuable not just by providing financial assistance but also by volunteering.

Please make sure to visit us and our children during your next visit to Israel.

These visits are especially important for the children because many of them have no aunts uncles or extended family to visit them, and it shows them that people, even strangers, care about them.

Together with Rabbis Slavin, Klein, and Amar I look forward to personally greeting you.

See you soon,

Rabbi Jonathan Khalimsky Reply

Debra Levin South Africa April 13, 2013

All the children and Ohr Simcha What a wonderful school that offers these boys a loving, warm and nurturing place to be part of. I watched over and over and each time I cried and cried. Please can you tell us how we can donate and assist this beautiful school to take care of these wonderful special boys .

Just amazing ! Reply

shula rego park April 11, 2013

donation how does one donate $$? please give address or tel.number
thanks Reply

Malka Emmert Phoenix April 10, 2013

How fortunate these children are! I wish them all the best, that they will be an example to all of our children. Reply

Daniel Frank Toronto April 5, 2013

All Children and Ohr Simcha May all Children have the Privilege to grow up in the Nurturing Environment that is Ohr Simcha Reply