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Chabad Nigun Simcha

“The Heart and the Wellspring” Ensemble

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Chabad Nigun Simcha: “The Heart and the Wellspring” Ensemble

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Victoria tucuman August 2, 2013

Chabad Nigun Simcha thank you Chabad, i like this kind of music.
Shabbat Shalom Reply

Anonymous USA July 24, 2013

Chabad Niggun Thank you ACR, Baltimore. The music is so beautiful that I, as a woman, would really would enjoy dancing it. If not in the synagogue, then in the separation. I love music, and listen to it most of my time. And the Niggun of Chabad are wonderful. Reply

ACR Baltimore July 23, 2013

A Jewish View of Men and Women Dear anonymous,

Your question speaks to fundamental views of the nature of men and women in the Torah's "eyes." The Torah recognizes that men (more so than women) have physical desires and may be prone to allow their eyes to wander where they should not. The special nature of the relationship between a husband and wife is private; in order to maintain the sanctity and elevated quality of the relationship women (and men in specific ways) are modest in public in order to prevent provoking the wandering eyes of other men. In this way, a woman's beauty and physical appearance is kept as a special aspect of the relationship between herself and her husband. Women watching men dance generally does not illicit the same level of base thoughts in women.
There is nothing wrong with women dancing. Miriam danced with other Jewish women after leaving Egypt! There would just need to be an appropriate separating partition (mechitza). Reply

Meir Weiss Laval.Que July 23, 2013

re women not dancing? hello :) no body says they were not dancing in their own circle circuit :)

be well

you should be inscribed and well sealed in the "{book of life " for the coming years Reply

Yosi Venezuela July 22, 2013

Amazing! Reply

Anonymous USA July 21, 2013

Chabad Nigun Simcha Beautiful and joyful music. Why are the women not dancing? Thank you Reply