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8th Day’s Official Music Video

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Ya'alili: 8th Day’s Official Music Video

The official music video for the hit single Ya'alili from the album Chasing Prophecy by 8th Day. Directed by Larry Guterman.

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Jaeih February 15, 2020

One of my favorite songs. I love how they blended Sefardic and Ashkenazi stuff together. Reply

batya shapiro flagstaff November 21, 2019

i love it Reply

Ethan Poertner Owensville, Mo, U.S.A. February 20, 2018

Can't understand, but it's great! Reply

zalmy garbarchik london england November 7, 2017

amazing Reply

Anonymous Grand Junction, Co. July 20, 2015

Hi! Mendel's Mommy Thanks for the information about Ya'alili.:) Can you translate the words into English for me? Thanks Shalom M.P. Grand Junction Reply

Shoshanna Pa-17110 July 19, 2015

.... It's really funny but I like it. Reply

Mendel's mommy nashville October 27, 2013

the words.. to m. pederson
my 6 year old son wanted me to answer you.
This incredible song is a blend of Ashkenazic and Sephardic phrases, expressions and culture, showing the different cultures in the Jewish people united in one song.

shetihay limazal shetihay, im yirtzeh hashem bei dir shetihay.
et hachatan o’ sefardi, kallah no’eh ashkenazi, rochel imeinu o’ sefardi, mammeh ruchel askenazi. baba sali o’ sefardi, rabi nachman ashkenazi, shetihay limazal o’ sefardi, im yirtzeh hashem bei dir ashkenazi.
yala yala ya’alili..
gina gina o’ sefardi, oid yishoma ashkenazi, yossi avi o’ sefardi, yom hashemini ashkenazi. mo’adim lisimcha o’ sefardi, ah gut yomtov ashkenazi, shetihay limazal o’ sefardi, im yirtzeh hashem bei dir ashkenazi.
- Reply

m. pederson Grand Jct., Co. September 11, 2012

english translation of Ya'alili Dear Sirs,

Enjoy this song but don't know what it means.
Please translate into english for me.

Thank youu m.p. Reply

zali lifshitz boise, idaho February 10, 2012

like it i love it Reply

Eliana Ross Summerfield, Florida July 14, 2011

Loooove it! I have the song on my Ipod and listen to it nearly every day! Thanks so much for doing this amazing song:0) I also love your Shabbos song........please do more? Reply

8th day fan April 13, 2011

WOW!! AMAZING!!! Love the Music and the video! Keep them COMING!! Reply