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The challenge begins when my self-centered soul steers me away from that meditation. It paints an entirely different picture. I know how it reasons all too well...

Monthly Recovery On Sale
Everyone loves a bargain. Try tapping into the Jewish calendar’s spiritual energy as you work the Steps; it’s bound to aid in Jewish Recovery.
Rosh Hashanah
Audio | 26:59
Rosh Hashanah
Parent Meets Child - My Essence Connects to G-d's Essence
A lesson on the true meaning of Rosh Hashanah and the lessons for recovery living.
Atonement or Forgiveness?
Contrary to popular misconception, Yom Kippur is not only about being forgiven by G-d. Forgiveness you can get all year round; Yom Kippur is primarily about atonement.
Nu. Get Into the Sukkah -- and Out of Your Head!
The worst place to be is locked up inside our own head. To find joy, we need to get outside of ourselves and connect to others.
Spiritual Growth
Audio | 28:45
Spiritual Growth
Am I growing or am I just doing more? The difference between engraving and writing.
The Lighthouse and the Tree
When we work our programs, we build lighthouses. When we nurture our faith, we build orchards.
Letting the Secret Out
The ultimate secret is that there is a loving caring Father in heaven who is recreating us anew constantly. We are precious, imperfect and valuable beyond our wildest imagination.
Shavuot: The Ability to Receive
Sometimes it feels like it takes a lot more work to be humble then to be miserable. It's that work that G‑d wants from us...
One Step Further
Men, women and children showed up at Mount Sinai, where they would receive the Torah. Only seven weeks earlier, the very same people stood steeped in the mental, physical, and spiritual disease of slavery in Egypt...
In To Me See
Bow and Arrow teach us a lesson on intimacy and recovery.
Along with being aligned with G-d's will, it is also necessary to strive for “honesty, open- mindedness and willingness.” These qualities are indispensable in cultivating intimacy.
Dancing With G-d
A two-way relationship with our Higher Power
On Shavuot G-d becomes willing to enter into a holy dance with His people. This dance attests to the deep desire of G-d to connect with us.
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