Don’t stop before the miracle! This statement can apply to so many different circumstances in our lives. We tell this to many people who are struggling with the disease of addiction. And it is one of the most powerful lessons from the Chanukah story.

When confronted with adversity the Hasmoneans did not give up. Where did they get the strength and resolve to insist on not giving up in their search for the pure jar of olive oil? How can we tap into that very same place — so we can discover our purity within?

The Hasmoneans defied all limitations by winning the war and by rekindling the Menorah. Their commitment to persevere and their willingness to sacrifice their lives revealed their true essence. It is the highest part of the soul, and once revealed this spirit enables us to cause a revolution within.

Once a person finds this spiritual core, all things are possible. We are exposing the inner recesses of our soul that is absolutely one with G‑d. At this level what seems to be an obstacle too great to deal with is exposed as an illusion. A test that is there only to awaken this powerfully-connected part of our soul.

The addict who says “It’s too much; I just don’t see how things will ever be different!” — is right! As long as he stays the same he will have the same results. Chanukah teaches us that by being willing to surrender ourselves we can tap into that very same place that our ancestors did. Once that’s done, we become different. We see things differently; we see ourselves differently. We have a new pair of glasses; so much so that one day at a time, one surrender at a time, we live on a higher plane. This is a place where we can walk with certainty and know that G‑d is doing for us what we can’t do for ourselves.

Once the Menorah was lit, it not only stayed lit in a miraculous way, it also shined the brightest. This reminds me of a quote from the Big Book of A.A: “See to it that your relationship with Him is right, and great events will come to pass for you and countless others.” By the Hasmoneans insisting on only using an unadulterated jar of oil, they were teaching a valuable lesson: Don’t settle for anything less than the holiest.

And, for sure, don’t stop before the miracle!