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Voices of Recovery

A forum for Jewish recovering addicts to share their Experience, Strength and Hope.

15 Steps to Freedom: Seder for Recovering Addicts
The message of Passover and the message of recovery are intrinsically intertwined.
My First Year in Recovery
Acceptance and Understanding
Recovery gave me, and continues to give me, the courage to look in the mirror, change the parts of myself I am able to change and accept the parts I can’t.
Unruffled Feathers
Calm in the face of disturbance
I believe that my Higher Power is arranging the difficulties of my day in order to help me grow from them.
The Masterpiece of Our Lives
On the back, it looks like a mess, with knots and clumps. But on the front, there may be a masterpiece - a magnificent picture. That's what our lives are like.
Let It Rain
Like it or not, there's frequently a lag between intellectually knowing a truth -- until it becomes part of how we view the world.
Choices and Actions
There is no "bad" when I can recognize that my Higher Power put it there for me; for some reason, some purpose.
G-d, All I Want Is You
G-d,You are the source of my serenity; You are my anchor; You create everything perfectly just for me; You won’t let me down; You will help me find peace; You keep me in Your picture; You sustain the light that is my soul.
My Quest To Become A Better Jew
I do love the small miracles. G-d helped me with both the question and the answer one more time. I am excited to see what else G-d has in store for me.
The Mover and Shaker
Although it doesn't always seem that way to me at the time, life eventually works out much better when it goes according to G-d's plan rather than mine.
The Power and the Love
Our recovery proves two things: G-d's power and G-d's love. His power: That He performed the miraculous, saving us from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. And his Love: That He did it for us, His children.
Finding Walter
A Violent Drunk Wonders if He is Too Damaged for Help
The guilt, remorse, and shame devoured me on a daily basis… My only solution – or so I believed – was to kill the pain with more alcohol. Soon thereafter, I abandoned my wife and children...
The Gift of Second Chances
It doesn’t matter how old we are, how lost we’ve been or where we are holding in our lives today. We beg Him to give us a second chance, and He obliges.
Owning the Gift
On Passover, G-d reveals a glimpse of the awe-inspiring reality hidden in everyday living. On Shavuot, through His caring love for us, He bestows upon us an invaluable present – the Torah.
Bondage To The Material
Being Myself with G-d is "Dayenu"
Today I am no longer in need of something exterior to make me realize that I am okay. Knowing that G-d is with me is Dayenu! It is enough!
My Search for Freedom
In the dark places of my own truth, The Twelve Steps of Recovery are my candle, illuminating the path to self awareness and self actualization.
Lessons of the Sun
Just as He placed the sun exactly where it needs to be-a little closer and our world would burn, a little further and we would freeze, so, too, He created each of us perfectly. Acceptance of our own essence is a hallmark of recovery.
Let Him In, Please
It's not my way, but clearly, my way wasn't the best course for life to take right now -- since that's not the way it turned out.
Shedding the Masks
Recovery involves shedding the mask, sometimes layers and layers of masks. Purim allows us to play out this process with festivities, friends, and fun.
We Chose Him
On Shavuot, G-d chose us. On Purim, we chose Him. We have tasted the joy of unburdening ourselves and embracing G-d’s guidance and providence in our lives. It is limitless.
My Inner Purim Costume
What I learned from Queen Esther’s struggle and final victory
That is what we Jewish women need to emulate of Esther: the sacrifice, the endurance and the true commitment. We need to stay in touch with the feelings that lie under the costume.
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